animal housing

– Dogs and cats must be accompanied by an up-to-date vaccination record;
– In addition to animal information, other data from the owner or guardian will be requested;
– For greater comfort during your stay, we recommend that you leave a bed and/or toys normally used (we are not responsible for damages caused to these belongings);
– During the stay:
– the dogs will have daily walks together with other dogs or not, according to the owner’s preference and the dog’s temperament;
– all animals will have moments of interaction with the staff.
– Extra services such as basic obedience classes, grooming or medical care are subject to an additional cost.
– During the animal’s stay, Pets Inn is responsible for guaranteeing:
– the welfare of the animal with regard to its physical needs;
– psychological well-being, providing attention, affection and the possibility of interacting with people and/or other animals;
– your safety, not putting you in risky situations;
– always keep it in a clean, airy and spacious environment, with the possibility of shelter from the sun or rain.
– In case the animal becomes ill during the stay, Pets Inn undertakes to contact the owner or guardian and/or consult the Veterinarian (subject to the cost of the intervention), however, it is not responsible for the situation.
– Upon registration, the “Term of Responsibility” presented by Pets Inn will be signed.

Are not accepted:
– Animals with contagious diseases;
– Dogs that show aggressive behavior;

Pets Inn


In this pet hotel all pets and pets have a special place.

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